Guidelines For Applicants


As a grant making charity, we provide grants to fund projects and activities carried out by other charities. We receive many different applications for funding, from which our trustees make their funding decisions. For an application to be considered by the trustees, and for it to have the best chance of success, applicants should note the following guidelines.


Who may apply?

We will only consider applications from charities registered with the Charity Commission, or charities that hold a Certificate of Exemption from the Inland Revenue. Overseas applicants must supply the details of a UK registered charity through which grants can be channelled on their behalf.


We concentrate our funding on small national or local charities; the trustees are unlikely to support large national charities which enjoy wide support.  We do not accept applications from individuals.


Which countries do we support?

We restrict our funding on a geographical basis to the following countries: England, Wales, Israel, and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). We will only accept applications from charities based in these countries for projects and activities within these countries.


What type of work do we support?

We restrict our funding to charities working in the following areas:


Medical care and treatment, including respite care and hospices

Care for physically and mentally disabled adults and children

Education and training for adults and children with physical and learning disabilities

Care and support of the elderly

Care and support for children


Immigrant absorption  (Israel only)

Co-existence projects  (Israel only)

Higher education  (Israel only)


How do you apply?

Your first step should be to review the points above carefully to ensure that any application that you make to us will be valid. You should give us sufficient information to allow us to evaluate your application against the many others we receive.


You should then complete an Application Form (see Downloads), and enclose with it the following information about your organisation:


Current year’s summary income and expenditure budget


Most recent annual report


Most recent accounts


The completed application should be sent by email to:


We will email you with the result of your application as soon as possible, but it may be several months before you hear from us.


When can you re-apply?

You can re-apply after a year from the date we notify you of the result of your previous application. We do not accept applications from applicants who have applied within the previous twelve months, whether they have been successful or not.