The Sobell Foundation was established by the late Sir Michael Sobell in 1977 for general charitable purposes and is a grant-making trust with which he was actively involved until shortly before his death in 1993.The deed of charitable trust, under which the Sobell Foundation was formed, is not specific about the objects of the Trust and allows the Trustees absolute discretion to apply funds for general charitable purposes.


We are not involved in fund raising and rely upon income from our investments to make grants.Grants tend to be made in line with the founderís interests which are principally causes benefiting children, the sick, elderly, needy and disabled.The Trustees aim to achieve a reasonable spread between Jewish charities (operating principally in the U.K. and Israel) and non-Jewish charities operating in the UK.


We are at present only accepting applications from charities who have received a grant from us in the last five years. Charities who have never received a grant are not eligible to apply.